Yikes! Shaun got too engrossed in mobile gaming again and now he’s not looking where he’s going. Và it’s up lớn his fellow sheep lớn keep him safe. We’d prefer that you take the game’s obvious moral lesson & play this trò chơi while sitting down somewhere safe.

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Have sheep act as steps & roadblocks to get Shaun somewhere safe.Collect the stars lớn get better level ratings.Use moving platforms to bring Shaun where he needs to go.


Play Shaun the Sheep phầm mềm Hazard 2 trò chơi Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon sheep protecting level escape game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids & adults can play this xúc tích và ngắn gọn puzzle game with many minigames for không tính tiền as a website application here.

Shaun the Sheep ứng dụng Hazard 2 game play Instructions


Starting the GameAt the welcome screen, select Play below the title khổng lồ begin.On the cấp độ selection screen, pick a level to play.You can only play levels that have been unlocked.Unlock levels by clearing the levels before them.A tutorial baovetiengiang.com on the first level.Toggle the game’s audio through the sound button at the upper right corner of the screen.Share your score & progress through the social media buttons below the play button.Your website browser will automatically save your progress & best score.

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Game ControlsDesktopLeft click and drag the available sheep khổng lồ where you need them khổng lồ be.TouchscreenTap & swipe the sheep available lớn the desired location.Game PlayInterfaceOn the upper right corner of the screen are three buttons. They are, from left khổng lồ right, as follows:Reset: Starts the game from the beginningSound: Toggles the game’s audioPause: Pauses the game và opens the pause menu.On the upper left corner are the number of stars you’ve collected for the level.GoalGet Shaun lớn the other side of the màn chơi without getting hurt.Collect all the stars to lớn earn the best rating per level.Pausing the gameSelect the pause button lớn pause the game.The pause menu shows the following options:Continue: resumes the gameRestart level: resets the entire game from the beginning.Help: Re-opens the tutorial page.BasicsShaun’s movementShaun will keep moving forward until he meets an obstacle.When Shaun encounters an obstacle too tall for him khổng lồ jump, he will turn around.If the obstacle isn’t tall, Shaun will jump over it.Stacking sheepA single sheep is enough for Shaun lớn jump over.Stack 2 sheep khổng lồ serve as an obstacle.Suspend sheep in the pulley hooks to khung bridges for Shaun khổng lồ cross.Expect to move và stack the sheep several times over the course of the game.Move the sheep around to form steps to get Shaun out of pits.Be sure lớn act fast. You must get the sheep in place before Shaun gets there.You only have a limited number of sheep. Be creative with how you use them.Moving platformsMobile platforms help provide a bridge for Shaun.To activate a platform, select it. It will go up và down as needed.Target AudienceThis game is suited for all ages và for fans of the Aardman animated series Shaun the Sheep.The game has no adult content.

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